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Advanced Astrology Articles
Heliocentric Astrology
In use by NASA scientists of a form of heliocentric astrology — under the rubric gravitational vectoring — to predict high sunspot activity was not just an important verification of astrological principles; it also, because of the well-known effects of such activity on weather conditions, on radio wave propagation, and on other terrestrial events, alerted astrologers to the possibility that astrological forces impacting the solar sphere had an influence on Earth's astrological "atmosphere."
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How does abundance
fit into your Chart?

A minor Roman goddess of abundance, prosperity and good fortune. Her attribute is a cornucopia ("horn of plenty") with which she distributes grain and money. After the Roman occupation of France, she remained in French folklore as Lady Hobunde.
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Saturn: or how do I avoid change?
Saturn represents the conservative, self-controlled, security-seeking part of the self that resists inevitable change. It’s placement in your natal chart shows much about how we seek security and where we resist change. The house position of Saturn shows an area of life where we seek security, as well as where we are likely to experience "insecurities" and restrictions.
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Decan or Decantes
Each sign of the zodiac occupies an arc of 30° (the 360° of a circle divided by 12 signs equals 30° per sign). Every sign is subdivided into 3 decans or decantes of 10°, each of which is associated with 3 signs of the same element.
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Origins of the Calendar
How many years did it take to design, develop and deploy the Western Civil calendar? It's based on earlier works from the Babylonians and Egyptians to the Romans. There are many questions to be answered in this article, and many more to be asked. Will we improve the calendar that we use today?
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Earthquake Prediction
Can Astrology predict the big one? Are you living on the San Andreas Fault line? Will there be an earthquake over 9.5 that devastates the coast? Will the current administration react fast enough? With it's current track record? Read the report before it happens, look for the Moon in an Earth Sign.
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The Secret Meaning of Venus
Venus, named after the Roman goddess of fertility and beauty is the second planet nearest the Sun. Venus was associated with the goddess Ishtar (Istar; Inana; Astarte), a goddess of both love (particularly eroticism, rather than "romantic love") and war. This dual character was split between Venus's role as the Morning Star, in which she personified as a war goddess, and her role as the Evening Star, in which she portrays as the the love goddess.
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