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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

What is fate destiny & predestination?
Rather than "predicting the future," what astrologers actually do is describe upcoming planetary conditions, with the understanding that clients have the free will to respond to planetary influences in different ways.
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Ethics in Astrology
Other points usually mentioned in professional codes of ethics are confidentiality, both of personal information shared by the client and of the natal chart itself; disclaiming the ability to predict events in precise detail; de-emphasis on potentiality for future illnesses, accidents, or disasters; and avoiding approaches that would in any way encourage clients to become dependent upon the astrologer or to in any way abdicate responsibility for their life.
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Koch House System
The great majority of systems begin the tenth house at the degree of the zodiac that is highest in the heavens and the fourth house at exactly 180° away from the cusp of the tenth house. The Koch house system (pronounced 'coke'), also called the birthplace house system, is a very recent one. Walter Koch’s (1895-1971) house system isn’t significantly different from the ancient system of Alcabitus.
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All About Gemini the Twins
Positively, this dual nature manifests as an ability to see both sides of every disagreement; a typical Gemini remark is, "There's two sides to everything." Like Castor and Pollux, Gemini’s are highly social beings with greatly developed communication skills.

Also like the twins of mythology, they are associated with travel and trade (and sometimes "cattle rustling") and Gemini’s generally enjoy travel.
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Sagittarius Archer - NOT! Chiron - YES
Thus, an alternative image for Sagittarius is as an average, non-divine centaur with all the impulsive, savage brutality normally attributed to this mythical species.

Like the worst centaurs, Sagittarians can be crude, wild wanderers, always seeking adventure and freedom from all restraint. They can be reckless, irresponsible, and excessively blunt. Positively, natives of the sign are humorous, entertaining, and optimistic.
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Cancer The Crab? or the Turtle
Cancerians are best known for their attachment to home and, like the turtle, would be happy to carry their house everywhere if only they could! Maybe they’d do well in a motor home?

Although homebodies, they enjoy travel if they know they have a secure home to which they can always return.
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