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Pluto entered Gemini in 1883 and passes into Sagittarius in 1995, so for people born in this century the conjunction can only occur in those signs or the intervening ones. The individual needs to explore the depths of his or her personality and to analyze the motives behind every action. These traits will be most pronounced when the conjunction falls in Cancer or Scorpio, and there will be additional intuition present in anyone who is already naturally intuitive. A tendency towards acute introspection and obsessive behavior patterns must be avoided. From a conjunction in Leo, the subject may wish to exert power over others; from Virgo (and Uranus may be also involved here), she will be in a strong position to lead others, but may tend towards extremism and even political fanaticism.

Positive aspects
An ability for self-analysis is usually present, and there will be meaningful and advantageous changes of direction in life, resulting in psychological satisfaction and growth. There is a need to explore every aspect of whatever fascinates the individual, and very often there is a real talent for research. If medical ability is suggested in other areas of the chart, these are excellent aspects for someone inclined towards psychiatry or psychotherapy.

Negative aspects
It may be very difficult for the subject to open up and to talk through problems with friends and loved ones. If you have a child with one of these aspects, you must try to counter this tendency as early as possible. Psychological blockages can easily occur, and sometimes the individual can even suffer from physical constipation (and will tend to worry about it and thus exacerbate the problem). Obsessive tendencies may be present, and should be countered through the use of mitigating indications elsewhere in the chart. A Gemini influence, for example, would help, while Venus in one of her own signs, or receiving a trine from the Moon, will prompt a more relaxed and open attitude.

Life is likely to become difficult. Either the individual will be unable to move forward due to circumstances beyond his or her control, or there will be a powerful compulsion to make a drastic change because it is impossible to continue along a former course. There is a distinct tendency to throw out the baby with the bath water, and much hard work and achievement may be lost as a result; the subject should be aware that this can happen. Whether it does or not will depend on transits: steadying ones from Saturn will help, tense squares from Uranus will not. Jupiter may bestow material benefits and breadth of vision. An eventful and troublesome period is likely, but when it is over a whole new era may begin.

Positive aspects
Periods of upheaval and change may occur, as with the conjunction, and will be initiated by the individual. Even so there will be setbacks and periods when progress is frustrated, but the overall effect will probably be that of a new broom sweeping clean. The individual must not follow a trail compulsively and must consciously develop a circumspect attitude, ready to listen to the opinions of others. With this in mind, the period will probably be considered, in retrospect, to have been rewarding, with greater understanding and psychological growth having been gained, as well as more external developments.

Negative aspects
Progress will be extremely patchy and uneven, and may even grind to a halt at times. It is best for the subject not to force issues under such circumstances, but to be patient, if possible.

The individual will instinctively know when the storm clouds have lifted. It is important that problems and difficulties should be openly discussed, but even if the subject usually finds this easy, it will now be less so.

Astrology Birthday

For this to occur, the subject would have been born within about a half an hour of sunrise, so is probably a "double Gemini" or whatever. The Sun must be within eight degrees of the Ascendant, and to use this aspect one must be sure of an accurate birth time. If the Sun falls in the first house, the individual will be psychologically well integrated, and the strength of the Ascendant and Sun signs will be considerable (whether or not they are the same). The Sun gives a rather regal disposition, but its vitality will energize the whole personality with a positive, sunny quality that should bring much happiness. If other aspects intervene (such as a square or opposition from Saturn), there will be less self-confidence. A negative aspect from Jupiter will make the subject overbearing. If the Sun is in the twelfth house the individual may still receive a double impact from one sign, but will need seclusion, or to work behind the scenes. Use the house position in interpretation, as it will be extremely relevant in either case.

Positive aspects
These aspects also rely on house position for interpretation, since the house in which the Sun falls will be a focal point of the chart. However, because the aspect to the Ascendant is present, there is a uniting and strengthening link between the Sun and Ascendant. The most potent effect will occur when the Sun is in the fifth house (its natural house), making a trine. Then all fifth house matters will find positive expression and fulfillment.

Negative aspects
Again, be careful to study the house placing. An opposition from the sixth house to the Ascendant may have a bearing on the subject's health and be a potential source of strain, but if the Sun is also well aspected by the ruling planet, the Moon or Mars, the placing could be invigorating. If an opposition comes from the seventh house, the accent on relationships will be emphasized. Squares to the Ascendant from the fourth house can be domestically disruptive, and perhaps indicate an above average problem with parents, but much depends on how well aspected the Sun is from the Moon and Saturn. A love of, and pride in, the home is likely. A square from the tenth house shows a strong driving force and ambition, and a desire for worldly progress that will be achieved with effort.

Remember that an accurate birth time is essential if the timing of these trends is to be correct.

The coming together of the Sun's characteristics and the psychological personality traits indicated by the Ascendant will be of considerable benefit to the subject, who will finally be able to resolve inner conflicts.

Positive aspects
These are much as for the conjunction, but the positive focusing of the progressed Sun's house concerns will be rather more powerful than before.

Negative aspects
The eventual outcome will be psychological development and wholeness, but inner conflicts must be fought, and eventually the concerns of the Sun's progressed house position will come more prominently into focus.

For this to occur, the individual will have been born around noon. All the solar drive and energy will be channeled into achieving ambitions, and aspirations will be considerable. Generally self-confident, the subject must take care that big-headedness and perhaps pomposity is controlled.

Positive aspects
The identification with the qualities of the sign on the Midheaven will be accepted and aspired to in a very positive way, and ambitions will usually be achieved without ruthlessness.

Negative aspects
There may be a struggle to achieve objectives and to gain positive expression from the identification with the qualities of the Midheaven sign. Fulfillment will come through effort.


A time of prime importance is indicated. The subject will either achieve prominence in his or her career, or realize a much-desired ambition. However, any achievement will probably be accompanied by resulting additional responsibilities. The subject should enjoy any achievements and, especially if there is increased responsibility, care should be taken that an over-serious outlook does not distance him or her from loved ones or enjoyment of life. A great deal is likely to happen over which the subject has no direct control - entirely due to reputation built up over the years, or becoming known in a chosen field. Promotion is very likely.

Positive aspects
With regard to ambition and worldly progress, these aspects are a great help and, as with the conjunction, life could become surprisingly eventful. As a result, the period will be both progressive and memorable. Achievement and success are strong possibilities.

Negative aspects
The eventual outcome will probably be increased prestige and responsibility, but the path leading to it could be difficult, with the possibility of setbacks and perhaps delays en route. Study the transits while this progression is active. If Saturn dominates, it will slow down progress, while help from Jupiter will propel things forward very nicely. If under stress or pressure due to commitments, the subject must not allow his or her vitality to be drained.

There are times when the Sun's progressed position forms an aspect to its own place in the birth chart. The most important of these aspects more or less coincide with the Saturn Returns and their interpretation should blend with the Saturn transits. The aspects that the Sun will make to itself are shown below.

The semi-sextile
This minor aspect occurs when the subject is approximately thirty years old. It is not in itself very strong, but enhances the characteristics of the natal Sun sign and helps to blend those, which are integrated from the Sun's progressed sign. When the Saturn Return is at its most powerful, this progressed aspect will give the individual additiona

The sextile
This is similar in effect to the semi sextile, and occurs at roughly the same time as the second Saturn Return. It is stronger than the semi-sextile, and will be a considerable help to those who are making changes in their lives.

The square
More people now live to be ninety plus, when the Sun makes a square aspect to its own position. This will coincide with the third Saturn Return. Remember that the progressed aspect is a square, so if the subject is a lively and enthusiastic personality there will be a tendency to overdo things. However, the Saturn influence will give stability.

The semi-square
This occurs when the subject is about 45 years old. By then the Uranus Half return will have been experienced (see p.326), and while this is a strenuous aspect it will still revitalize. Lessons learned during the period between the Uranus Half-return and the Sun's progressed semi-square to its own position may now help the individual to move forward into the next long-term phase of life, bringing out his or her best, as opposed to the extreme characteristics that may have emerged at the time of the Uranus Half-return. The vitality level may be out of balance especially if symptoms of the menopause are beginning to have an effect on the subject.

Many astrologers do not bother to incorporate solar transits into their schemes of interpretation. However, we find they are useful and fun. There are several other points in their favor, the most important being that they remain more or less constant. For instance, the Sun as it travels round the sky reaches the precise position of, say, Venus, in a subject's birth chart on or about the same date every year (the only variance will be due to leap years). These tiny solar influences will encourage your subjects to become their own astrologers, as they are easy to follow. The influence of the solar transits only lasts for a couple of days, but while they are operative they should be considered in the light of the planet the Sun is contacting. However, as they are very minor influences, we suggest that you only calculate the conjunction and opposition transits to the Ascendant, Midheaven, Moon and ruling planet (the planet that rules the Ascendant). Bear in mind that the conjunctions are the most useful of the transits and are also the most likely to work. There is one exception to this general rule. Because the Sun is so important when there is a heavy Leo influence in a birth chart, you should calculate all the conjunctions and oppositions for someone with any of the following: a Leo Sun sign; a Leo Ascendant; a Leo Moon; or the ruling planet in Leo.

This is an area of astrology you can really experiment with. You will notice that we have not listed any solar transits to the Sun's own position. The conjunction occurs on the subject's birthday. This is known astrologically as the Solar Return, and is used in a very important way in the Sun's progressions. The opposition occurs exactly six months later, and should be used to full advantage. Even the oppositions usually do not provoke much stress, unless the Sun in the birth chart is badly afflicted by a great many squares or oppositions. On days when there are solar transits it is sufficient merely to bear them in mind, and if possible the subject should concentrate on the matters listed in the interpretations.

The Sun's transits to the Moon Family and domestic matters, and also personal problems are emphasized. Time will be well spent on activities associated with home improvements and crafts.

The Sun's transits to Mercury
The subject should take advantage of the media, complain, speak up, try to strike bargains, perhaps buy or sell a car or bike, or make short journeys and telephone calls.

The Sun's transits to Venus
This is a good time to have beauty and hair treatments, buy clothes, entertain, relax and enjoy life.

The Sun's transits to Mars
Hard physical work or sporting activities will be enjoyed. Care is needed to avoid minor accidents and headaches.

The Sun's transits to Jupiter
The accent should be on having fun, and planning or starting vacations abroad. This is a time for signing contracts, studying or writing articles. Possible hangovers or indigestion should be avoided.

The Sun's transits to Saturn
Long-term plans and decisions should be made, and delays expected.

The Sun's transits to Uranus
The subject might act on original, bright ideas and do something different, but should beware of eccentricity.

The Sun's transits to Neptune
Trips to the movies or a concert will be enjoyed. The subject will also enjoy getting out and about with a camera, reading poetry, or being in a romantic and nostalgic mood. However, the intake of alcohol and nicotine should be watched!

The Sun's transits to Pluto
This is a good time to have a purge: for instance, clearing out rubbish from cupboards, getting to work on psychological problems and generally being sleuth like.

The Sun's transits to the Ascendant
The subject should think of this as an "un-birthday" - an excellent day on which to do something special or start new projects. This is a day to be used to the fullest.

The Sun's transits to the Midheaven
There may well be a surprise in the offing. Career or parental concerns could be emphasized.




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