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Week of November 15th to 21st 2004

The Sun is highly active by transit this week: Semisquare Jupiter on November 17th trine Saturn on November 18th

Wednesday (Nov. 17), the Sun semi-squares Jupiter (26°00' Scorpio - 11°00' Libra), an aspect that often leads to exaggeration. Expansion of consciousness and vision are positives here, but it is essential to make a realistic assessment of what it takes to reach your goals. Promises often exceed the ability to deliver, so think carefully before making any.

On Thursday (Nov. 18), the Sun trine Saturn in Cancer offers a perfect antidote for any Jupiterian excess. This aspect aligns identity with reality in a highly constructive way. The solar will to express ourselfves operates within the practical framework that Saturn defines. It's a good idea to trust yourself now; a keen sense of judgment and proportion balances the desire to produce with a clear picture of what it takes to get results. The First Quarter square from the Moon in Aquarius to the Sun in Scorpio is a push to define our purpose and direction. Yet, with unpredictable Uranus in orb to conjunct the Moon, suddenly changing feelings can leave us alternating between commitment and abandonment. Fortunately, the Sun-Saturn trine reminds us that there's no need to rush, in spite of our short-term impatience. The Moon enters Pisces at 2:38 a.m. on Friday (Nov. 19). Ideally, this provides a backdrop of faith and forgiveness. However, the increased sensitivity of this mutable water sign can multiply the ripples of emotion and leave us feeling overwhelmed. A Venus-Saturn square at 11: 13 p.m. is a rising force throughout the day. Doubts about one's self-worth and attractiveness are possible. Contraction in relationships and money is also common. However, Saturn's role, even in a potentially harsh square, is to define a situation with sufficient clarity to suggest how to turn things around appropriately. Love has to be earned when Saturn squares Venus; this isn't about kowtowing to another's will but deciding what you want and beginning the long, slow process of getting it.

Leonid meteor shower Peaks on the 19th of November, may last a day or two either way! Some people claim it speaks of disaster to whoever watches it.

Early on Saturday (Nov. 20), Mars semi-squares Pluto, a tight combination that tends to squeeze out activities and methods that serve little purpose. Instead of getting angry or frustrated, cut away the fat in your life so you can be more effective and efficient. The need to squeeze continues with a Mercury-Pluto conjunction (21°12' Sagittarius) at 7:21 p.m. The mind narrows and thoughts are concentrated in little balls of intensity. X-ray eyes look past the surface now to see underlying patterns of mental control and manipulation of communication. The power of thoughts and words is very strong now, so use them gently. Critical comments cut to the quick, even when no harm is intended.

The introspective darkness starts to lift on Sunday (Nov. 21); first the Moon and then the Sun enter fire signs. The Moon goes into Aries at 8:11 a.m., bringing us into the present by helping us to forget the past. At 3:22 p.m., the Sun enters Sagittarius, where nearby shadows fade in the light of our visions for the future. We open up and look ahead, prepared (we hope) for the next adventure, thanks to all the hard work we've done in recent days.


November 15, 2004 Venus Sextile Pluto, affection supports change
November 15, 2004 Mars Trine Uranus, action favors freedom
November 18, 2004 Sun Trine Saturn, power favors effort
November 20, 2004 Mercury Conjunct Pluto, expression enhances change
November 20, 2004 Venus Square Saturn, affection strains effort

Astrology Birthday  Week of November 8th to the 14th 2004

This pair of aspects is useful for reassessing long-term strategies, especially related to career and education. The first aspect can be overly expansive, but the second easily corrects any untidy excesses. The First Quarter square of the Sun and Moon also occurs on November 18, which marks a time of decision making. The Moon in eclectic Aquarius vrges the Sun in Scorpio to broaden its vision. Rather than squeezing all we can out of what we have, Aquarius reveals a wider field of opportunities and a wider range of emotional responses from which to draw inspiration. A Mars-Uranus trine on November 15 supports a trend forward innovation. Tough aspects involving Venus (square Saturn on November 19), Mars (semi-square Pluto on November 20), and Mercury (conjunct Pluto also on the 20th) are potential bumps in the road. However, the Sun's entry into optimistic Sagittarius on November 21 helps lift our sights above these obstacles, to energize the next adventure.

The Mars-Uranus trine (2°53' Scorpio-Pisces) on Monday (Nov. 15) is a dynamic aspect that helps us to invent new ways of dealing with old problems. This creative pair also provides an energy boost, turning anger and frustration into excitement. On the other hand, Monday's Venus-Chiron square (22°04' Libra Capricorn) exposes vulnerabilities in relationships. Any fast Mars-Uranus actions should allow for this heightened degree of sensitivity. At 11:39 p.m. on Tuesday (Nov. 16), the Moon enters Aquarius. After two days of the Moon-in-Capricorn emphasis on guilt and responsibility, we are likely to breathe more freely now. But, while the Moon is still in Capricorn, it's a good idea to take note of your feelings, since they tend to be undervalued at this time. Making a conscious effort to recognize subtle emotional signals can help you to address unrecognized needs and eliminate old habits that are no longer useful.

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