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 Week of November 22nd to 30th 2004

There's a broad spectrum of planetary patterns in these last days of November.

The Sun-Uranus square (2°57' Sagittarius-Pisces) at 1: 19 p.m. on Wednesday (Nov. 24) brings out the independent side of most people. Even passive types have a tendency to rebel, if only in small ways. The gift here, though, is a newfound urgency for freedom that encourages risk-taking and promotes creativity. Less than two hours later, Venus trines Uranus, providing social and artistic outlets for our need for novelty. Being attracted to people and objects that are not within our usual range of taste stretches our aesthetic and cultural boundaries.

A parallel of declination between Venus and Uranus on Thursday (Nov. 25) brings in another wave of innovation and experimentation.

On Friday (Nov. 26), the Moon enters Gemini at 2:25 a.m. This dualistic air sign favors communication and flexibility. Making decisions can be difficult now, as the number of options is increasing and the urge to commit is decreasing. Then, at 12:07 p.m., the Moon opposes the Sun in Sagittarius.

This Full Moon is an information-rich event that often floods the psyche with more ideas and images than most of us can absorb. But this Gemini Full Moon is even busier than usual, because electric Uranus's square to both the Sun and Moon jacks up nervous systems. This is a rapidly changing environment where one could take both sides of an argument! Communication is cluttered, making it harder to understand or to think in a straight line. Still, there is brilliance with this lunation, in spite of the teeth-grinding energy that can set many of us on edge. Thinking outside the box might make ordinary conversations more complicated, but it can provide insights that are normally outside our field of vision.
Saturday (Nov. 27) cranks up relationship complexity with a Venus-Pluto semi-square at 10:38 a.m. Resentment can simmer and boil over. Seeing the negative side of partnership is a given now. Yet, the point is to deepen awareness of our desires and our intentions. A Mercury-Mars semi-square this evening tends to keep discussions on the testy side. We might easily (though unconsciously) cross the thin line between a joke and an insult. We can begin to return to a more caring mode of behavior on Sunday (Nov. 28), when the Moon enters Cancer at 2:10 p.m. Our growing need to protect may soften attitudes. However, if we play the victim, the Moon in Cancer can be a time to withdraw into our shell, turning away from others except to snap at them with our claws.

On Monday (Nov. 29), Jupiter trines Neptune (12°58' Libra-Aquarius).

This is among the most spiritually uplifting aspects possible. Jupiter and Neptune favorably align to broaden our understanding of life and its meaning. Words may not flow to describe this experience, but there's a natural sense that everything is right with the world. Such optimism gives rise to future plans for learning, healing, and giving voice to spirit.

On Tuesday (Nov. 30), Mercury turns retrograde at 26°45' Sagittarius and will remain so until December 19. This backward movement makes it easy to trip over our own feet (or our words). Details always require extra attention during Mercury retrograde, but that's especially true now, since this one occurs in detail-averse Sagittarius. Furthering the likelihood for confusion is a Mars-Neptune square (13°00' Scorpio-Aquarius) that's somewhat like putting a blindfold on an archer and spinning him or her around in circles before the arrow is released. Under this aspect, we take actions without a clear sense of direction. But it's not all a waste of time for those who can act with gentle responsiveness to others.

November 27 2004 Jupiter Trine Neptune, expansion favors impression
November 28 2004 Jupiter Trine Neptune, expansion favors impression
November 30 2004 Mars Square Neptune, action strains impression
November 30 2004 Mercury goes retrograde

Astrology Birthday  Week of November 8th to the 14th 2004

Venus enters Scorpio on November 22.
It may be harder to trust, but the desire to dig deeper can ferret out some emotional truths.

On November 26, the Moon is Full in Gemini.
This opposition of Gemini's multiple possibilities to Sagittarius's absolute truths should set up some lively conversations. Uranus's square to the Sun and Moon, at the Full Moon, is further evidence that the world of ideas is about to be shaken.

On November 29, a slow-moving trine between Jupiter and Neptune becomes exact. This harmonious hookup raises hopes, lifts spirits, and shows that reality encompasses much more than we can touch, see, and feel.

On November 30, Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius. Taking a backward look in this forward-looking sign brings three weeks of reflection and a chance to atone for the foolish things we've all been saying lately. That same day, Mars squares Neptune, one of the odder planetary pairings. Pointed Mars likes to march straight ahead - cutting a new path, if no opening exists. But Neptune is the diffuser, blunting Mars's sharp sword. This can lead to chasing illusions and wasting effort. However, we also get the chance to be compassionate warriors and champions of the underdog.

Mercury semi-squares Mars at 4:32 a.m. on Monday (Nov. 22); this tense aspect between intellect and aggression can lead to impatient thinking and irritable speech. The plus side of this connection is a thrust toward new ideas and the courage to communicate under difficult circumstances. Then, at 5:32 a.m., Venus enters Scorpio. The love planet, so elegant in Libra, now shows her darker side. This isn't necessarily bad, though: Relationships can deepen (or end) when we're willing to look past appearances and connect with our more primal feelings. A quinticle between the Sun and Neptune (00°51' Sagittarius 12°51' Aquarius) brings a creative touch and softens the sometimes hard edges of the ego.

At 4:16 p.m. on Tuesday (Nov. 23), the Moon enters Taurus. Like a contented cow returning to the barn at night, we can enjoy the comforts of home and habit. Emotional issues are simplified now, and an appreciation for what we have balances the Venus-in-Scorpio hunger for more.

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