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Gemini Full Moon 11-26-2004

There's a broad spectrum of planetary patterns in these days of November.

The Hebrews' Feast of the Tabernacles is mentioned in the Bible (Deuteronomy 16: 13-15) as a week-long celebration. Ancient Greeks set aside six days in November for The smophori, a festival honoring Demeter, goddess of agriculture.

The ancient Romans honored Ceres, their goddess of grain, with sacrifices and ceremonial meals on October 4. The word "thank" derives from a Germanic word for thoughtfulness, which is also the etymological source of "think."

The approaching holiday season - and this Full Moon, in particular - remind us to reflect on what we are thankful for and what is truly worthy of honor and celebration. The Sabian symbols for this Full Moon suggest that what we venerate and pursue would radically change if we were to take a deeper look at what we are doing - and why. The image for 50 Sagittarius reveals the importance of penetrating into the dark, into the hidden or unexamined: "An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree; a poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation."

The image for the Moon at 50 Gemini portrays an imperative for change: "A revolutionary magazine asking for action. .. the one desire is to reach beyond established forms." Creation is continually evolving. Life is a constant journey of discovery. Once more, we need to question and reformulate what we live by and live for. We have to go into the dark, hunt for the truth, trust our intuition, and open ourselves to new vistas. If you'd like a boost, watch the movie, what the #$*! Do We Know? Its skillful and entertaining amalgam of story, animation, and documentary clears the cobwebs out of our minds and eyes and reminds us that "the voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" (M. Proust).

Astrology Birthday

Astrology Birthday  Week of November 8th to the 14th 2004

We've come from the depths of the Scorpio New Moon to the revelation of the Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon. Pluto's metaphor of the cave is still apt; we sit with our backs to the fire, watching shadows and presuming  them to be reality. Sagittarius represents the process of emerging from the darkness of a limited perspective.

This Full Moon invites us to step out of our caves and  into a greater comprehension of life. The Sagittarian Archer aims for the Truth and eventually discovers that there are many truths. What we see depends on where we stand. One immediate way to gain a greater perspective is to spend time in nature. Another is to travel or read about other cultures. When we step outside of our ordinary routine, we expand our horizons and our range of options. This Full Moon forms a restless t-square to Uranus, making the urge to go beyond the beaten track nearly irresistible. Something needs to change. With Uranus in Pisces squaring the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini, what needs to change most of all is our minds and ways of thinking.

The need to transcend our social and religious conditioning intensifies as the Sun approaches his square to Uranus (3° Sagittarius-Pisces) on November 24, and the urgency continues as Jupiter forms a trine to Neptune (13° Libra-Aquarius) on November 29. Both aspects encourage the dissolution of dogmatic thinking and the development of compassion and tolerance. Mercury's conjunction with Pluto in Sagittarius and Mars's square to Neptune nudge us further to transform small. minded, short-sighted, and cold-hearted agendas. This Full Moon peaks the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving. Harvest celebrations have been observed by indigenous cultures since antiquity.

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