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Understanding Astrology

The science of the stars.

Astrology is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a horoscope. Astrology is the study of the planets' position and direction relative to a certain celestial body, either the Sun (heliocentric astrology) or the Earth (geocentric astrology) and its potential influence on a natural organism a single being, or a population such as a town, country, continent, etc.

almost immediate result here on Earth. Astrologers tend to feel that all key cosmic events such as eclipses are interactive; they represent an activity also taking place within our realization and ourselves.

In summary, astrology is a study of heavenly sequences and cosmic events as they are reflected in our everyday environment and vice- versa -- a vast cosmic clock. Astrologers find the cosmic blueprint revealed in the rhythmic motions of the planets a great assistance in shedding light on the seeming helter-skelter of everyday life.

Spiritual Astrologers believe that we picked out this exact place and time to be born. To experience and develop the perfect essence and to widen a giving attitude toward themselves and others. Lessons to be learned, experiences to grow. There are two types of charts, a birthchart and a progressed birthchart.

Rising Sign or Ascendant
In astrology, the point of the ecliptic or the sign of the zodiac that rises in the east at the time of a person's birth or other event.
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Sun Sign
The Sign the Sun was in at the time of your birth indicates your basic nature and the "strategies" you prefer in dealing with life’s circumstances. Signs are associated with "plans" while the Sun and Moon and Planets represent various aspects of your mind.

The Sun represents your "sense of self" or "spirit" or "nature" and things related to the center of your being. Your Nature is not the same as your personality - how you see yourself isn’t necessarily the way you appear to others. This is why some "traits" you hear about a Sun Sign may not appear true for someone - for they are really about their inner existence, not their external personality. [Read More]

The Astrological Houses
You are much more than your sun sign! No one else in the world is exactly like you (not even a twin!).

No one is born at the exact time and place.
An Astrology Birthchart is divided into 12 equal sections called houses. Houses are contain the 10 planets and zodiac signs, unique to each individual according to their birth time, date, and place of birth. The ascendant, rising sign or horizon line is placed at the nine o'clock and 3 o'clock position of the circular chart like on a wristwatch.

House sections describe the area of life where planetary energies manifest. Example: many planets in the Fifth House may indicate a person who has strong relations with creative events, playfulness and artistic activities. There are many meanings for each house as there are for the planets and zodiac signs, but there is a subject orderliness through each one that classifies it from another.

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Pact with the Birthchart
Astrology is thousands of years in its making. There are many different approaches to astrology, all astrologers appear united in the idea that there is a connection between Earth and higher consciousness they share one common identity. For centuries there has been a misunderstanding concerning the nature of astrology to the effect that the heavens somehow "influence" events here on Earth. This theory of celestial influence has penetrated into the modern world until today it is the main concept or idea of astrology supported by the public
~~ the lay astrological audience.

The modern astrologer perceives of the heavens and Earth as one interpenetrating realm, sharing a
common place in time and space. The great cosmic
or celestial events happening around and beyond the Earth (eclipses, lineups, and so on) are not seen as CAUSING events to occur on Earth, but as great signatures of events ALSO happening here on Earth.

In other words, there is no "cause" in the heavens followed by an "effect" here on Earth. Instead, both planetary and earthly events happen simultaneously and are mutually reflective. As above so below.

Neither is the instigator of the other; both are the product of that moment, one acted out in the
heavens above, the other here on the Earth below.

While astrologers don't feel that heavenly events are the cause of events here on Earth, they do feel that specific heavenly proceedings are enacted here on the Earth at the same time. In other words, there is only one grand "show." All the World is a Stage.

The great drama enacted in the sky is also acted out in precise detail here on Earth in the same second. Another way to say this is that the Earth is part of the universe and shares in that cosmic split second. Science have been discovering that sunspots, solar flares, and solar activity have a very definite and


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